Sumayya Dildar is a woman of Indian cause and has experienced childhood in South Africa. Truth that told reports state that considerably after her marriage she consistently visits Hindu sanctuaries to offer pujas. Nonetheless, from the beginning, she had revealed to Tahir that she won’t leave South Africa under any conditions.

Personal Information

Name – Sumayya Dildar

Profession – Business Women (also house wife)

Gender – Female

Birthday – 33 years old

Place of Birth – Durban, South Africa

Relationship – Married

Long Distance Relationship

Sumayya Dildar didn’t take Imran Tahir long to decide. He left Pakistan in 2006 and moved over to South Africa to get married the person he loved. Be that as it may, he needed to truly battle until he qualified to play for South Africa in 2011.

Meet up

In any case, at that point how did the two meet. Tahir while speaking to the Pakistan under-19 group had gone to play in South Africa in 1988 where he met Sumayya. Despite the fact that it was all consuming, instant adoration for the leg-spinner it was not so for Sumayya who was then seeking after a vocation in displaying.


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Love Birds

Tahir on his arrival from South Africa, began missing Sumayya seriously. Those were not the times of internet based life stages where one could continually stay in contact. One simply needed to rely upon landlines and universal calling was truly costly as well.

Family Time

The affection between the two has bloomed with time and they have been honored with child Gibran. While Tahir goes through the vast majority of the year venturing to the far corners of the planet exaggerating cricket, Sumayya, has quit any pretense of displaying to turn into a home-producer.

Marriage Life

Tahir for the following couple of years flew down to South Africa to meet Sumayya. The two by then had become a couple. Be that as it may, from the beginning, Sumayya had completely said that she won’t leave South Africa at any expense and that if Tahir needed to settle down with her, he would need to leave Pakistan.

From that point forward, be that as it may, there has been no thinking back for the capable leg-spinner who wants to ‘communicate’ on the field subsequent to excusing a batsman.


Sumayya Dildar Nationality

South African Indian

Sumayya Dildar Age


Sumayya Dildar Birth Place

Durban, South Africa

Sumayya Dildar Religion


Sumayya Dildar Son Name


Sumayya Dildar Son Age

7 yers old


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